DNA is pleased to announce the 2003 winners, each of whom won a cash award of 30.000 SEK. The winner in each category was carefully selected by an independent jury consisting of Bo Nilsson, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Christopher Paues, Jennifer Gr÷hn, Paola ┼hlund and Simina Astilean.

Hannah Paradis, Mama

Jury comment: The installation combines a dark film of a tropical storm projected on a subtle installation that makes an interesting impact on the traditional gallery space. It is a innovative piece that experiments with the experience of the audience and a worthy winner of the ACTION category.

Patrick Nilsson, Bara Bus

Jury comment: The series of pencil drawings might seem simple at first glance, but have an outstanding lightness of touch. The series makes a strong impression with the least possible means and is the worthy winner of the DRAW category.

Johan Thurfjell, Do you have the shine?

Jury comment: The work is a game where you have to trust your instincts and battle your fear in the classic "The Shining" hotel. The game plays with new technology and basic human instincts in a clever way and is the worthy winner of the DIGITAL category.

For a closer look at the works and more information about the artists please click on the images below!