Title: Field (Mutations in Progress)
Diesel New Art 2004, Digital

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Artist: Thomas Petersen
Copenhagen, Denmark

About the work:
Project page: www.crossover.dk/mutations

Mutations in Progress is a series of image generators producing abstract image sequences without beginnings, ends, or fixed durations. Various representational as well as non-representational elements are organized freely in ever-changing grids.

The specific piece Field generates geometrical abstractions. Especially in geometrically based art, the computer is a potent partner for compositional suggestions. Using a computer as a semi-autonomous partner in this respect is a way to work with the rule-governed yet arbitrary nature of seemingly strict geometrical art.

The role of the artist is to construct the frameworks of chance, which determine the multitudes of possible expressions. The concrete aesthetic results are administered by the computer.

These images are static screen dumps. The dynamic Flash generators can be viewed at: www.crossover.dk/mutations

About the artist:

More info and work at website: Crossover.dk