Title: Giza
Diesel New Art 2004, Draw

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Artist: Godfrey Semwaiko
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of

About the work:
Giza is the mix media work, which describe my feelings of the weather in Sweden and Africa. Giza is Swahili word means Darkness. In my work I connect my feelings of Darkness since I was a child as I had seen some images when I was child so makes me afraid of the darkness, but also in the Dark I always get a lot of energy of doing something. In Sweden I find the country so dark by means of emptyness without a lot of people and also so cold

About the artist:
I am Tanzanian Book Illustrator, Painter, Print maker, Computer Graphics designer and sculptor. My work is with different media due to material, theme, feelings and area. At the moment I use Dark and Light as my inspiration of my work