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2006-09-21 - DNA Exhibition is starting soon!
2006-08-30 - The Austria/Slovenia winners are selected!
2006-07-03 - A big thank you to all DNA artists
2006-06-21 - Deadline
2006-06-16 - Extended Deadline
2006-06-15 - Deadline closes today at 24.00, the 15h June 06
2006-05-26 - Two Weeks to Deadline
2006-03-24 - Scandinavia's Most Important Art Competition Comes to Austria and Slovenia
Scandinavia's Most Important Art Competition Comes to Austria and Slovenia

Diesel New Art is Northern Europe’s largest art competition for young creators of art, design, film, photo and music.

The competition has since the start in Sweden 2003 grown to include  a new country for each year,  and new for this year are Austria and Slovenia. Last year over 1800 artists from 43 countries submitted more than 3500 works.

DNA is on-going from March to December and will like last year consist of four steps- search,  selection, catalogue and exhibition.


All the submitted works will be judged of an independent jury consisting of four persons. In each category the winner will receive a prize of 2000 Euro and a place in the  exhibition which will be shown in the Betňnsalon/MQ, Vienna.

The Austrian and Slovenian  jury consists of

Mag. Stephan Hilpold, Fashion Editor
Mag. Georg Leutner (Director of the int. Forum for Art Schools Betónsalon/ MQ)
Mag. Sonja Traar, Curator
Raphael Just, Photographer/Artist

During the Summer the DNA catalogue is produced where a selection of all submitted works from each country is presented.

The four categories for which you can participate in are:

Action: Sculpture, installation, performance and conceptual work

Draw: Painting, graphic and illustration

Digital: Film and interactive work

Photo: Art and fashion photo

The deadline for submitting works to Diesel New Art is June 15th and all creators independent of age and media are welcome to participate.

The Austrian mediapartner is Rondo/ Der Standard