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In 2006 Diesel New Art will grow and become the largest DNA-competition ever since it started in 2003. It will keep its promise to support young artists and designers in several disciplines from Scandinavia to Central Europe and throughout the world. Below you can find a brief recollection of the DNA history.

Diesel New Art 2005

In 2005 Diesel New Art expanded from Denmark and Sweden to include Norway. DNA continued working individually and received about 6405 contributions with a total of 1702 artists from 33 countries. For this year’s edition Photo was added to the previous three categories and several excellent works were received during the spring, and in the summer the juries individually picked a number of finalists for the autumn exhibitions in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm.

The Danish jury consisted of Leif Djurhuus, Malene Malling, Jesper Elg, Thorgej Steen Hansen and Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg. Together they chose four Danish DNA winners that received 20.000 Dkr each: Stuck In The Middle With You by Katja Kublitz in Action, The Dicktator Sucks by Kasper Sonne in Draw, Angels And Demons by Carl Krull in Digital and Elliptic Touchdown 4 by Søren Dahlgaard in Photo.

The Norweigan jury consisted of Unni Askeland, Tommy Olsson, Jan Walaker and Marianne Zamencznik. Together they chose four Norweigan DNA winners that received 20.000 Nkr each: It all fucking fits by Martin Skauen in Action, Territory 001 by Kalle Runeson in Draw, Evil Baby by Marieke Verbiesen in Digital and Kimm + Kim Goes Nude by Kimm Saatvedt/Kim Ramberghaug in Photo.

The Swedish jury consisted of Helena Öhman, Rodrigo Mallea Lira, John Scarisbrick and Michael Elmenbeck. Together they chose four Swedish DNA winners that received 20.000 Skr each: Mickey's Trailer by Anna Lundh in Action, Untitled by Niklas Holm in Draw, Air guitar by Petra Axelsson in Digital and Children by Helga Härenstam in Photo.

Diesel New Art 2004

During 2004 Diesel New Art expanded to encompass Denmark and Sweden. DNA kept its focus locally and received over 1000 contributions per country.

The Danish jury consisted of HuskMitNavn, Rune RK, Johannes Torpe, Eva Skibsted Mogensen and Nicolai Wallner that picked a number of artists for an exhibition in Copenhagen. Three Danish DNA winners received 20.000 Dkr each: Softchrome by Levent Bøilerehaug, The Stoop by BSS Jensen and Speed by Michael Norre.

The Swedish jury consisted of Ylva Ogland, Kristian Russell, Johan Thurfjell and Niclas Östlind that chose three Swedish DNA winners that received 20.000 SEK each: Show by Helena Öhman, Mission by Kerro Holmberg and Flykten från fälten by Nils Agdler & Timo Menke.

Diesel New Art 2003

Diesel New Art (DNA) started in Sweden during 2003 and received over 900 contributions. A large exhibition was held in Nybroplan in Stockholm where 30 finalists were exhibited. A jury consisting of Simina Astilean, Jennifer Gröhn, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Bo Nilsson, Christoffer Paues and Paola Åhlund picked three winning works during a festive opening night. Mama by Hannah Paradis, Bara bus by Patrick Nilsson and Do you have the shine? by Johan Thurfjell.

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